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This is about my Vancouver trip Part 1

Right now I should be thousands and thousands of kilometres up in the air headed west for the Vancouver Theatresports […]

This is about a Beenie Man concert

As life would have it, I very randomly got the opportunity to see reggae big-wigs Beenie Man and Mr. Vegas. […]

This is about a dress

Well, I did it. I bought 3 of the same dress, but in different patterns. Well, technically I bought 4 […]

This is about New Years resolutions

It’s 9:55 pm on January 1st and my brain has regained full functionality. It was touch and go for a […]

This is about Salt N Pepa

There aren’t enough moments in life when every single part of me is so happy and so energized, that I’ve […]

This is about packing

As I sit in a pile of clothes, wondering which cute outfit to wow the denizens of NYC for my […]

This is about Boston – Day 2: The Real Edition

*NOTE* This took me two days to write. The tenses might not match. Now that I’m sober and have a […]

This is about Boston – Day 2: The Sober Edition

Two days into this trip and I’ve already failed at this blog, but given the circumstances, I think it’s alright. […]

This is about Boston – Day 2

WE are drunk and thad the best tnight of mour lives okhaG? WE KILLED THE SHOW AND WE HD THE […]

This is about Boston – Day 1

I’m gonna be real. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding a way to write this entry because today was […]

This is about my ban on Pacific Mall

Oops. I did it again. Put yo hands in the air if you’ve got a crippling addiction. I have, once […]

This is about Black Friday – Part Duh

Well, well, well. Black Friday has come and gone and as much as I would love to be writing an […]