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This is about the DOs and DON’Ts of going to a Jays game!

  The Blue Jays home opener is a day¬†away and I couldn’t be any more excited. I plan on going […]

This is about 15 quirks guys have that girls go crazy for

Your dick. Your boner. Your wiener. Your shlong. Your pee-pee. Your meat stick. Your one-eyed snake. Your penis. Your sausage. […]

This is about makeup on a hot day

Don’t. Just… don’t. I know, I know, who the eff am I to tell anyone what to do, especially when […]

This is about overcoming an obstacle

I was re-organizing my closet making room for my four new dresses (see previous post) when I came across this […]

This is about summer rules

Summer. It’s so close I can taste it. Or maybe it’s the Mango Madness iced tea I made my own […]

This is about Crazy Sexy Day

After a stupid-as-all-hell January, I decided that I didn’t want 2013 to start off like a dopey teenage boy getting […]

This is about New Years kisses

It’s New Year’s Eve eve so you’ve got some very important things to think about. What are you wearing? Is […]

This is about packing

As I sit in a pile of clothes, wondering which cute outfit to wow the denizens of NYC for my […]

Glamswers #2

So I’m a pile of unorganized garbage who definitely dropped the ball on this blog. Major apologies, but, like, come […]

This is about the post immediately after this one

Truth talk: Life is kind of busy right now. My shittyjoe job that I hate with every fibre of my […]

This is about planning ahead

I’m a planner. I like things that are organized mostly because I have a really bad memory and have the […]

This is about the Indie Coffee Passport

As a local non-celebrity, I often (never) get asked “What exactly is glamour and how can I become glamourous?” My […]