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This is about being a lady sports fan

You don’t need to take more than one glance at my social media presence to see that I’m a Toronto […]

This is about 15 quirks guys have that girls go crazy for

Your dick. Your boner. Your wiener. Your shlong. Your pee-pee. Your meat stick. Your one-eyed snake. Your penis. Your sausage. […]

This is about a stupid article
Suck it, asshole.

Here is an article I hate. 41 Reasons You’re Still Single via Huffington Post I get that it’s mostly a […]

This is about an article I read

I was trolling around the Internets a few weeks ago when I came across a little slide show article at […]

This is about worms
Dance Cave sucks.

Wow. It’s only been, what, two weeks since I’ve started this idiot blog and already I’ve forgotten about it. OOPS. […]