This is about #EatSlayLove2018

Ayo what up, Internet, it’s your girl, Ann, and if you don’t already know I’m gonna be beep-beep toot-tooting over Asia in 18 days. Over the course of 5 weeks, I’ll be traveling to China, Bali, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and then end up back in my homeland of the Philippines for 3 weeks.

This is the biggest trip I’ve taken ever, and I’ll be on my own for the first leg, until I meet up with my parents and family in the Philippines. I’m both terrified and excited of going on a real personal journey, which will undoubtedly end up with me a. getting mega poops from all the street food I plan on shoving into my gapping maw b. having an emotional breakdown because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do during long-term travel? and c. getting the hell out of my comfort zone, where I’ve happily been farting around in for the past 2 years. And since I am a woman who is technically classified as a “millennial,” I wouldn’t dare go on an adventure without a dope-ass hashtag so Baby Girl is gonna go with…




Since I’m gonna be gone for basically 2 months, I know (aka hope) you’ll miss me, so you can follow along both here and on Instagram, where I’ll be documenting as much as I can because honestly what the eff is the point of social media if not to passive aggressively (aka straight up aggressively) brag about your life.

Ann, why are you going on this trip?

Great question, nobody. Because I can. But mostly because I think I have to. I talk a strong game on being your own person, being confident and knowing yourself. I think being so far out of my element on my own for an extended amount of time is really gonna test that. Of course I won’t technically be alone. Except for the Philippines, my trip is through G Adventures  which is a travel group because I’m too old to slum around Thailand in $6 hostels and also too scared. I may be a modern, independent woman, but I’m also terrified about having my liver stolen from my body or, less dramatically, getting lost in a country where I can’t read/understand signs. So I will be with people. Side note: What’s worse than trying to make friends as an adult? WE’LL FIND OUT! (Shout outs to Jenny and Jimi for helping me figure this all out and answering my many, many, many, many, many, many questions. Many questions. Like maybe too many?)

Ann, why are you blogging about this?

Rude q, nobody. Because I’m incredibly self-absorbed and have convinced myself that everyone cares about every thing I do. But mostly because I know I’m gonna get super homesick at some point and this is my way of feeling like I’m still connected to my family, friends and community. Also I’d honestly rather be vlogging this, but I don’t know how to edit for shit and I don’t wanna bring my laptop.

Ann, how tanned are you gonna get?

Best question yet, nobody. So tanned. So so so so tanned.

Me, hella tanned in Cuba. A sneak peak of what’s to come.

There’s lots to stuff that still needs to get done before #EatSlayLove2018, so let’s get to it.

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