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This is about Ann Pornel

Ann Pornel is: -Glamourous -Loud -Fierce -Smart -Funny -Sassy -Full of herself -Easily obsessed with: make up glitter the Blue […]

This is about The Ladies of The Sketchersons
From left to right: Alessandra "Pie Faced" Vite, Ann "Pie Faced" Pornel, Allison "Pie Faced" Hogg, Alexandra "Pie Faced" Wylie.

The following post will contain the following: ego stroking, lady empowerment, crew love, and more ego stroking. This past weekend, […]

This is about My Open Letter to Mark Buehrle

Dearest Mark, First of all, congratulations on tonight’s game against the Seattle Mariners. For the 14th consecutive season, you’ve pitched […]

This is about dating

I am not a dater. Never have been. It’s not that I’m opposed to dating and relationships or that I […]

This is about the Summer of Glam & Acceptance

As I’ve already said in my last entry, this is gonna be the Summer of Glam. Since we last left […]

This is about Glammie getting her groove back

So it’s been a while since I’ve farted out any entries in here and it’s not because I’ve found a new […]

This is about my favourite things

*WARNING: UNEDITED SAP* My favourite things are my friends. They/you are all each tiny little shards of metallic and reflective […]

This is about my birthday wish list

It’s my Dirty 30 birthday at the end of the month, which means two things. One, I’m questioning my entire […]

This is about my Vancouver trip Part 1

Right now I should be thousands and thousands of kilometres up in the air headed west for the Vancouver Theatresports […]

This is about the Olympic Bobsleigh Babes

And so the saga continues…. Today for whatever reason I’ve been feeling down in the dumps. So I Tweeted to […]

This is about my death

Hello, everyone, I’m dead. I died at approximately 11:24 am EST. Here’s how it happened: Dear friend AW sent me […]

Selfie-A-Day Week #1

Full disclosure. I’m already SO over this Selfie-A-Day project. 7 days in and I’m already hating it, so don’t be […]