This is about the year of the Selfie-A-Day

Exactly 365 days ago, I HILARIOUSLY decided to take a selfie of myself every day for a full year. With the exception of perhaps 5 late (aka Dum-Dum forgot) selfies, I managed to do that. I get asked why I did it, and I’d love to say something like “I wanted to document my life in 2014, from the big (meeting Toronto Blue Jays Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez in Chicago) to the minutiae (approx. 200 selfies of me lying in bed).” But it’s actually because I wanted a reason to take a picture of my face everyday to feel good about myself.

Did I get anything out of it? Yes. I learned that I love taking my own photo regardless of how stupid/vapid/superficial I look. AND I AIN’T GOT NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. That is my truth, and if you can’t handle it, make like Jack Nicholson and FLY OVER DAT CUCKOO’S NEST, SON, I GOT NO TIME FOR YOU. While taking a picture every single day did eventually become a chore, I’m not in any way deterred from continuing to take selfies, especially super flattering ones where I look hot. But anyone who knows me knows I’m also not afraid of taking some truly heinous shots because life’s too short to only look good. Also that’s not real. Sometimes we look like a pile pukey dog shit and we have to accept that for what it is. Some days you’re gonna look great, but some days you can take 50 photos and not ONE of them is one that resembles a human woman. OH WELL.

Oh, I also got this collage out of it.



2014, you were pretty fucking great. I can’t wait for 2015 to beat that though.

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