This is about the Snooki Poof

I have this thing where I think I have GREAT taste in everything. However, most people would argue that when it comes to television, music and films, I’ve got very pedestrian if not straight-up bad taste. I love Top 40 songs, I love Top 40 hip hop and R&B even more, and I loooooooove shitty television. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve laughed heartily at a couple of episodes of King of Queens, 2 and a Half Men, and don’t even get me started on The Big Bang Theory. But perhaps the most offensive show I can’t live without is MTV’s Jersey Shore.

I love this show and I’m so happy Season 4 has finally started for many reasons, but the predominant one being:
Never mind the fact that Snooki is one of the most hilarious characters that’s ever come out of television, but in her own greasy, self-tanned, black eye-liner way, she’s one of my glamspirations. The Snooki poof, whether you like it or not, is 2000’s version of The Rachel haircut from the 1990s. Except way sexier.
As I’m sure you’ve probably gleaned from this blog, I don’t think there’s anything sexier than big, voluminous hair. Because my hair is Asian stick straight, I’m constantly craving for volume, curl and/or texture. I’ve spent countless hours slaving over a hot iron just to get a few hours of blissful bounce and have burned my face/ears/neck many a time. That’s where the sheer beauty of the Snooki poof’s design comes into play. I don’t need to fry my hair so I get some height from it. I just have to tease it! Obviously, teasing is just as bad for your hair, but SHUT YOUR MOUTH, I DON’T CARE. Just takes a bit of back-combing and really great (strong) hairspray and voila, pure glamour awaits! Don’t you know the rule? The bigger the hair, the more glamorous the lady? Oh, is that not a rule? Well, it is now. Another major plus is that the Snooki poof gets better the less fresh the hair so it’s a fantastic option for those days you just can’t be bothered to wash your stank self.
This hairstyle always turns heads. Whenever people stare at me, I’m pretty sure they’re thinking “Damn, that girl’s got cojones for rocking that coif. I sure wish I could do it.” And if they’re a dude they’re thinking “Damn, that girl’s got a nice rack. And her hair is cool. While I certainly don’t understand it, I still appreciate it. Also, I really want to date her forever because she seems like she would be really funny and smart and totally sexy.” They’re DEFINITELY not thinking that I’m some idiot who’s obsessed over an even bigger idiot to the point where I replicate her look even though it’s kind of not at all stylish or classy.

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