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Truth talk: Life is kind of busy right now. My shittyjoe job that I hate with every fibre of my being is actually giving me work, and because we all know what state my bank account is currently in, I cannot turn it down. This gives me less time and energy to devote to my favourite past time: Thinking about myself. As a result, I’ve also had less ideas on what to write about. Good thing I have cool and smart friends who read this blog to give me the inspiration I need!

I will be starting a new segment called “Glamswers,” where you glamourous reader, get to ask me, glamourous writer, questions on beauty and/or glam related things. Anything you want, I will try and answer to the best of my knowledge! Please remember though, I’m no where near being a professional and also more often than not I might not actually even answer your question, but just use it to go off on a tangent that I care about. So basically, I could be wrong, these are only my opinions, please don’t blame me for any questionable decisions you make based on what my rage-addled brain tells you, and also I’m just gonna use your question to talk about something I wanna talk about. You’ve been warned.
If you’ve got any questions you wanna ask me, just leave a comment on here or on a Glamswers post, or follow me on Twitter (@annpornel) or ask me on any other outlet you use to communicate (Facebook, e-mail, real life, phone, carrier pigeon).

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