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Truth talk: Life is kind of busy right now. My shittyjoe job that I hate with every fibre of my being is actually giving me work, and because we all know what state my bank account is currently in, I cannot turn it down. This gives me less time and energy to devote to my favourite past time: Thinking about myself. As a result, I’ve also had less ideas on what to write about. Good thing I have cool and smart friends who read this blog to give me the inspiration I need!

I will be starting a new segment called “Glamswers,” where you glamourous reader, get to ask me, glamourous writer, questions on beauty and/or glam related things. Anything you want, I will try and answer to the best of my knowledge! Please remember though, I’m no where near being a professional and also more often than not I might not actually even answer your question, but just use it to go off on a tangent that I care about. So basically, I could be wrong, these are only my opinions, please don’t blame me for any questionable decisions you make based on what my rage-addled brain tells you, and also I’m just gonna use your question to talk about something I wanna talk about. You’ve been warned.
If you’ve got any questions you wanna ask me, just leave a comment on here or on a Glamswers post, or follow me on Twitter (@annpornel) or ask me on any other outlet you use to communicate (Facebook, e-mail, real life, phone, carrier pigeon).

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  1. I usually go to the grocery store (or coffee shop or rehearsal or…anywhere, really) in yoga/workout pants. Truth is, I find jeans uncomfortable and if I’m just popping out somewhere, I’m all “fuck it, mama isn’t going to da clubs”. The problem is that I’m totally longin’ for some bonin’ and hot dudes tend to be out in public…which means they see me being all lazy.

    My question is this: What can I do to give my look a little “oomph” when I’m popping to the grocery store to buy healthy fruits and veggies (read: Sweet Chili Heat Doritos), but when I can’t be bothered to wear jeans or put on my Mac Red? Help a lazy, unglam girl out!

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