This is about the Olympic Bobsleigh Babes

And so the saga continues….

Today for whatever reason I’ve been feeling down in the dumps. So I Tweeted to those handsome men of the Canadian Men’s Bobsleigh Team featured in my last insane post, hoping for something and expecting nothing.

And then this happened.

@annpornel @justinkripps @McNaughtonJames If this tweet gets 100 retweets we’ll get in our spandex again for the camera #BEARDMODE
— Tim Randall (@TimRandall86) January 30, 2014

At last count, we’re at 85 RT’s and only need 15 more to make my dreams come true. Let’s see if we can make my dream (that I never even knew I had) come true in the morning.

Regardless of what happens, Tim Randall has officially secured a place in my heart and if I can have one wish for my 30th birthday coming up in March, it’s that he, James McNaughton, Justin Kripps, and Bryan Barnett hosts Sunday Night Live. I mean, I think it’d be pretty amusing for people to watch me literally foam at the mouth and write sketches where I have to be touching them at all times and then they fall in love with me and then I DIE AND FLOAT TO HEAVEN WHERE I TAKE MY PLACE AS QUEEN OF THE PERVERTS (for sure perverts go to heaven, right?).

Anyway, a girl can dream. HINT HINT.


PPS Today I was reunited with my long lost love Tahiti(an) Treat and I drank two cans and got a tummy ache but goddamn do I feel invincible.

10: 35 PM EST UPDATE: We got to 100+ Retweets. So now it’s just on those sexy hunks to fill their end of the bargain. Sexy bargain.


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