This is about planning ahead

I’m a planner. I like things that are organized mostly because I have a really bad memory and have the tendency to get nothing done if I don’t keep myself uber focused. This means I get a huge chub over planing trips in advance, writing out to-do lists (even though I spend most of my days to-doing nothing), and planning ensembles for a night out. I did a practice run of my New Year’s outfit + hair + makeup and I am so pleased with the outcome I had to blog about it.
First of all, let me start by extolling the virtues of thinking about your glam game plan a few days ahead, especially if it’s a special occasion. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress and cut down on your getting ready time because you’ll already know exactly what you need to do. The morning of or the night before, you could lay out all the items you’re going to need, make sure your favourite can of hairspray has enough fuel, make sure you have both earrings that you want to wear etc etc. This 2 minutes will save you at least 10 minutes of hurriedly rushing to find stuff the evening of as well as significantly decrease the chances of forgetting anything. I have walked out of the house one too many times not forgetting something, like wearing my signature scent, and because I have anger issues, it’s ruined at least part of my night (the part of my night where I walk out confidently knowing I am at my best).
If you’re willing to put in the extra work of doing a practice run, you’re even better because you can time how long it’s gonna take you, make the necessary adjustments (like using a flat iron instead of a curler to curl your hair because you like the shape of the curl better, in my case tonight) and really troubleshoot in case anything goes wrong. The bonus to all of this is, if you managed to plan a great ensemble and your practice run goes swimmingly, you’ll feel so much more confident and just strut out the door. And that’s what I’m gonna do this New Year’s Eve because I a.) thought about all the details of my outfit b.) had a backup in case my first plan didn’t work out c.) MY OUTFIT AND HAIR AND MAKEUP AND NAILS ARE EFFING KILLER AND THEY ALL WORK PERFECTLY.
This year’s theme is “Fuchsia Sparkle” and basically revolves around this shoe:
Boys love tranny-licious shoes, right? RIGHT.
Instead of feeling stressed out or worrying weather or not my outfit will work, getting ready on Saturday night will just be one hot drunk mess all because I planned ahead! Now, if I get drunk enough, I’ll probably undo all the work I put into it, but as long as I’m drunk, who cares? This year, one of my resolutions is to drink till I feel.
…….Wait. That’s kind of grim.

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