This is about my Selfie-A-Day Project

I love selfies.


One look at my Instagram (private, please and thank you) and you’d know that. I get why they get so much hate (because the people who hate on them are ugly joy-kills), but honestly who cares? You wanna take a flattering picture of yourself after you’re done getting ready for a slutty night out? DO IT. As a performer/actor/glamazon/self-obsessed vanity skank, I think it’s super important to know your best angles and faces. And there’s no better way of discovering that than constantly taking pictures of yourself.

Anyway, I’m not gonna go on and on about it, because my funny/talented/smart/sexy friend Allana Reoch wrote about it for She Does the City already and she pretty much says all I have to say about it (Taking the Perfect Selfie: A User’s Guide).

For 2014, I’ve resolved to be even MORE glamourous. Enter my Selfie-A-Day Project. For every single day in 2014, I will take a selfie. It might be gorgeous, it might be grotesque, only time will tell. I make no promises other than THEY WILL ALL BE MY TRUTH.

Why am I doing this? Because I’m already taking a selfie a day, might as well call it a “project” and make it more socially palatable. But mostly because I like to look at my own face.

Presented without comment: Selfie-A-Day #1.

January 1st, 2014. Obviously.

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