This is about my New Years Resolutions

If I bothered to make New Years resolutions, here’s a few that I might consider trying to keep. But like… I won’t so… oops?

Listen more
I love to talk and be social, but the older I get, the harder I find social interaction. I find myself feeling awkward and boring most, if not all the time, and that trying to find exit strategies in conversations, regardless of how much I’m enjoying the interaction or the person I’m talking to. And one of the reasons is that I’m usually steamrolling the conversation and it’s usually about myself. So in 2020 I’d like to listen more in conversations by asking more questions so that I stop running my damn mouth because, honestly, I’m so bored of myself.

Stop making shitty men feel better about themselves (especially when they’re being shitty)
Yo, are you a dude I formally had a crush on, but then it didn’t work out/you revealed yourself to be a true nightmare? Or maybe you’re a dude I work with, but you’ve revealed yourself to be a true professional nightmare? GET THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LIVE IN MY BRAIN ANY MORE. I will no longer give my already depleted energy into making you feel better about yourself in a number of ways such as:

-Laughing at your not funny jokes/comments
-Pretend like you’re interesting when you’re BORING. AS. FUCK.
-Compliment you
-Let you repeat a story you’ve told 1000000 times
-Do your fucking job for you
-Give you attention when you come sniffing around here because you know I’ll give it to you

This honestly is gender nonspecific, but frankly, only the men in my life are guilty of truly wasting my valuable time and energy.

Stop sitting on the toilet for way longer than I need to
This one is pretty self explanatory.

Be punctual
Being late is not a great trait. It shows that you don’t respect someone else’s time. And I’m late CONSTANTLY. I will try and be better.

Stop thinking I need to be right or prove that I’m smart
This will probably be the hardest to try and undo, and I’ve been working on this for years, but maybe this is the year that it sticks? It’s a gross trait. Full stop.

HAPPY 2020!

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