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Any of the unfortunate souls who’ve talked to me (or tried to until I scowled) in the past few months knows that it’s been a bit of a grind. Between my regular stints as a Sketcherson/over glorified clown for children/general actor(?) /loudmouthed dickhead/glamazon, I took on a few new projects that forced me out of my comfort zone physically, creatively, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually (?). Pile on the fact that I’ve been sick and have had no voice for an alarming amount of time, and you’ll have a very exhausted and broken Ann Pornel.¬†Also I’ve been a real huge C-U-NEXT-TUESDAY TYPE OF CUNT. So sorry for that. Really.

But I’m on the other side of that now and am so thankful for having gone through it all. I learned a lot about myself, what I want, what I’m willing to do, what I’m NOT willing to do. Thanks to everyone who let me vent, complain, cry, and generally be super selfish. Thank you for that. Really. I mean,¬†really really.

I’m happy and so proud to say that because of one of those projects (Second City Toronto’s Bob Curry Fellowship) I’ll be going to Chicago for a weekend in June to be a part of Second City/NBC Universal’s Break Out Comedy Festival (along with my fellow BC’ers Brandon Hackett, Scott Yamamura and Aisha Alfa). I’m like Brandy ft. Ma$e SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD right now. This wouldn’t have been possible without so many people, namely all of the Curry Puffs, Second City Toronto and Chicago, but also my family and friends and my family-friends The Sketchersons, Bad Dog Theatre and anyone/everyone else who lets me create and perform with them. Thank you.

And lastly, thank you to myself. Quite literally I couldn’t have done this without me so, good on you, girl! Maybe next time don’t be such a fucking asshole all the time and lighten up a bit? You’ll probably be happier and less sick? I dunno, just a thought.

Anyway, off I go to fast for a month so that I can eat deep-dish pizza for 48 hours straight. CHICAGO, I’M COMING BACK FOR ALL OF YOUR SMOOCHES!!!!


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