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In my never-ending quest for glamour, I’m willing to spend the money that I don’t have on really ridiculous things. Limited edition MAC collections, hair tinsel and crackle/shatter nail polish are just a few of the things collecting glamourous dust in my bathroom. When I heard about the newest nail trend, magnetic nail polish, I rolled my eyes and decided “Not this time, world. Not. This. Time.” Magnetic nail polish? That’s so stupid, right? You can’t even make your own designs using the magnets they come included with. They’re not even that glittery or sparkly. They only come in a few colours so far and you can’t even mix them with other nail polishes. HOW LIMITING. It’s worse than the crackle, because at least with the crackle, you can choose what colour you want underneath and that sort of changes it up. Too bad most of the crackle nail polish formulas out there are total GARBANZO and in my opinion, don’t really make your manicure stand out, except for maybe the white shatter, which just makes you look like you’ve got CRUSTY SOUR CREAM/SEMEN ON YOUR NAILS.
Obviously I’m not putting a picture of crusty semen.
Anyway, back to magnetic nail polish. I decided I would put my foot down on this boring-ass trend, but then I start reading the comments section of beauty blogs and people kept saying how excited they were to buy it and how they couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Almost immediately I got very competitive and thought “Those skanks don’t deserve this. I must have it so that they don’t get it. I have to be more glamourous than them. I HAVE TO WIN THIS COMPETITION.” Fast forward to a few days later, when my crazy need to own everything subsides. I go into a Sephora so that I can spray myself with La Vanila Laboratories Vanilla Grapefruit perfume because I forgot to when I left the house, and then I see it. IT.
Temptress slut.
I snatched it up faster than you can say “Ann is in debt” and run to the register before I can change my mind and then I throw away the receipt as soon as I buy it so that I can’t return it to punish myself for having no self control – I give lots and take lots, even from myself. Fast forward again to me applying it: I. AM. IN. LOVE. This shit is waaaaaaay cool! It looks like science! It looks like glamour! It looks like sciemour/glamience? It is the most unique thing I’ve ever seen both in how it looks and how it works. Basically, you put on one thinnish coat of the polish on the nail, wait for it to dry, and then apply a thicker coat.
One coat.
Apply the thicker coat one nail at a time, and then use the magnet on the cap of the bottle (which conveniently pops right off) to create the squiggly design. For the magnet to work, you have to hold it a few millimeters from the still-wet polish for a few seconds and then voila, cool-ass design!


One of the tricky parts to this entire process is holding the magnet close to the nail but not to accidentally touch it while it’s still wet. However, if that happens (which it probably will), do not fret. Wait until that coat dries and then apply another one and do it again! Since this has a fairly fast dry time, you do have to work a bit fast, but there’s a lot of room for error, which is great.

Another issue I had when I tried it out for the first time was because my nails have a relatively large surface area and they are very curved, the squiggle design of the magnet wouldn’t span my entire nail so I had to play around a bit to make sure I got even coverage on all my nails. But you won’t have this problem if you’ve got small, flat nails. And finally, I’ve had this polish on for 5 days with my Seche Vite top coat and have had minimal chipping and tip wear. That being said, I don’t really wash dishes or do any real hard work. I mean, why would I do that? Ew.
In short, this is a really cool product. It’s not as easy to apply as shatter nail polish, which is just one coat and you’re out the door, but I think the effect is more dramatic and interesting to look at that it’s totally worth the extra 2 minutes it’ll take you to figure out how the magnet will work best for you. The only real down sides to these right now is that colours are limited (they only had silver and purple at Sephora) and, oh yeah, THEY COST 16 FRIGGING DOLLARS, which is the most I’ve ever spent on a single nail polish. That all being said, I would totally consider buying another one in a different colour because I really do love the aesthetic of it.
And now to go cry into my credit card bills.

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