This is about lipgloss


You know what’s totally awesome? Buying 3 new lip glosses when I a.) don’t need them b.) can’t necessarily afford them c.) REALLY DON’T NEED THEM.



I think what makes it double-worse is the fact that I don’t even REGRET buying makeup every time I do. I’m just all, “Well, I’m totally gonna wear it, and look pretty, so shut up, world.” In the past 2 years, I’ve been exposed to the sparkly world of makeup. Of course I owned makeup before that, I just never really cared that much about it and certainly wouldn’t ever consider spending more than 2 minutes on it unless it was a special occasion. Then I lived with a makeup guru and got more and more into it. Now I’m apparently an addict.

I don’t know how, why, when I started to get ridiculous about my spending. It started off with buying some stuff at Sephora every time I got a gift card, then buying MAC products occasionally, then semi-regularly, then every time a new collection is launched (which is twice a month). It started with eye shadows and now it’s about lip stuffs, I dread what my new obsession will be, because it just gets more expensive from here.

WHY do I insist on having something from every collection? Surely, none of the colours and products are SO LIMITED (with the exception of the Hello Kitty collection), that I MUST MUST buy them. Okay, so this launch comes with a pretty pink lipstick. What, MAC doesn’t already have another 1309 lipsticks or eye shadows that are more or less the same?

I blame the Internet. I really really do. If I didn’t constantly go to makeup blogs, I wouldn’t hear about these collections, I wouldn’t read about the hype, I wouldn’t see countless other girls ooohing and aaaahing over it and talking about the ones they MUST HAVE. Because I think what happens here, is I read how much MacFreak1088 LOVES the Smile Dazzleglass from the Double Dazzle Collection, and because I’m offensively competitive, I must have it too. In my head I’m all, “What? That bitch wants it? WELL SHE CAN’T HAVE IT IF I BUY IT. HA HA I WIN, SKANK. I’M THE PRETTIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD.” If it weren’t for the Internet, I wouldn’t be exposed to so many opinions and rave reviews. It’s not like I walk past a Mac everyday to work, so I would be tempted. I wouldn’t even think about it if it weren’t for those damn blogs (maybe).

Yes. It’s the Internet’s fault. Definitely not my complete lack of self control. Mark my words, in about 2 weeks, there will be another post saying “WHY DID I BUY THIS?” because Mac’s Romantic Rose Collection is coming out. Fucking kill me (and bury me with my makeup).

For those wondering (none), I bought Smile, Steppin’ Out, and Funtabulous Dazzleglasses from the new Mac Double Dazzle Collection.

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