This is about Glammie getting her groove back

So it’s been a while since I’ve farted out any entries in here and it’s not because I’ve found a new hobby/relationship/cult that’s eating up my time and energy (and soul). It’s not because I’m drained of any creative writing, I’ve started writing about baseball and butts for the fantastic lady-centric She Does the City and I’ve been loving that a ton. And it’s not because I reached critical mass and overloaded on glamour (IMPOSSIBLE).

I’ve just lost the glamour.

Somehow, somewhere, I’ve misplaced my love and need to fully be emersed in the loving arms of all things glam. I feel out of sorts and not like myself, actually. I feel dumpy and blech. My nails are a mess and I don’t care enough to fix them, I rarely wear lipstick, let alone a BOLD lippy because I just can’t be bothered to reapply, I haven’t bothered to get a haircut since deciding on growing out my fringe. I’m no longer charmed by sparkly baubles or feel the need to show the world my A game when leaving my house. I’ve been phoning it in to a C+ game AT BEST. Getting ready to go out was something that used to give me so much joy. It centred me, it got me amped up, it was fun, but lately, primping feels like a chore that isn’t worth the bigger chore of being social. Everything (but my own bed and 2048) has become boring.

I’ve been trying to figure out where things went wrong (bland) for Glam Pornel and my best guess is this change happened around my dirty 30 birthday (how cliche), but I’m not really sure yet or even why. But I’ve grown bored of even being bored. Life is too short and fun to spend it being a lazy suck, so this summer I’m hoping to get my Stella on and get my groove back. I’m hoping to get reinspired and find that love of makeup, nails, hair, beauty, glitter and glitz that I once had. I wanna find my inner and outer glamazon again.

Less of the former, more of the latter.

Now, I can’t very well just say I’m going to do it and be done with it. A game plan is in order. For this summer, I do pledge to try something new and/or different with my look at least once a week, if not every time I go out. I’ve grown comfortable with having the same two makeup looks in my little rut. No more. I have a shit-ton of makeup that’s just silently weeping in the dark recesses of my glam room (aka bathroom) that are dying for their day to shine. So they’ll get it. I’ll incorporate a new product somehow every time I go out because why the eff not, right? Maybe I’ll even dye my hair! LET’S GET CRAZY!

Kidding. I probably won’t dye my hair. It’s too nice already to fuck with.

But I will get it cut this Friday. Nothing major, I’ll probably just add more layers for added volume. It’s certainly a start!

Anyway, this is gonna be the Summer of Glam. Because I need it to be, and more importantly, I want it to be.

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