This is about Crazy Sexy Day

After a stupid-as-all-hell January, I decided that I didn’t want 2013 to start off like a dopey teenage boy getting his dinky stinky for the first time: gross and disappointing. So I decided that February was gonna be “Fierce February.” What that meant was that every day was gonna get kicked in the face with my amazingness and nothing was gonna stop me from TWERKING IT.

And I gotta say, it was a raging success. I was busy with the things I wanted to be busy with, I wasn’t taking shit from any body, I was looking/acting/being fly because I made the decision to just be Fierce every single day no matter what. Was it hard some days? Obviously, yeah. There were many days I just wanted to eat candy all day long and lie in bed, and even though both activities are fierce in their own way, they weren’t Fierce with a capital F. So I’m gonna keep this going. Fierce February is done, but the attitude remains, which is great because I’ve deemed March to be Make Out March. Boys, beware.

I told one of my besties about my Make Out March plans and she told me that she used to have a “sexy day” every month where once a month she’d just be sexy. I loved it so much, I decided to do that to kick off Make Out March.

So I’m calling on all you Fierce ladies (and gentlemen). If you just want an excuse to look extra hot, flirt with that barista who gives you Ventis instead of Grandes, feel like the smokin’ babe that you are (even for just a few hours), I encourage you to take part in Crazy Sexy Day on March 1st. Which is today.

What does Crazy Sexy Day actually entail? Here’s the beauty of it: Anything you want as long as it makes you feel sexy. Look sexy, act sexy, talk sexy, walk sexy, fart sexy (?), do anything at all that brings out that inner bombshell that all of us have, but so rarely express. Wear a shorter skirt, wink at a stranger, let your hand linger a second too long on the arm of that cute boy you like. JUST DO IT!

Why the fuck not, right? At the very least, you’ll look good. And who knows how many boners you’ll cause (hint: A MILLION).

This chick causes all the boners in the land!

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