This is about Black Friday

I am really really amped up right now. Currently I’m in a shittyol’ Day’s Inn in eitherNiagara Falls, New York or Buffalo, New York, it’s unclear to me (unclear because I don’t really care to ask). Either way, I’m in the States for my very first Black Friday and I am revving to go. Since you’re reading this blog, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’reglamourous enough to know what Black Friday is. If you don’t, you’ve got a ways to go, grasshopper, but I’ll give you the chance to Google it…. now. We’re all caught up? Great.

Now, I’mma keep it real, I am DEAD broke. Like super dead broke. Apparently being the glamonster I am has a price, so I don’t have that much money to actually spend, but that’s not at all the point. I LOVE finding a deal, I LOVE maneuvering through a huge crowd of insane shoppers, and I LOVE being really efficient about it. It’s the idea of Black Friday that completely excites me. As a teen and young adult, I always asked for money for Christmas just so I could go crazy on Boxing Day and get the stuff that I actually wanted, rather than some garbage pair of pajamas (apologies to anyone who’s ever given me pajamas). I don’t know if you guys remember this, but Boxing Day used to be HUGE back in the day. They had amazing deals and malls were bat-shit cray-cray. Nowadays, the malls are still super nuts, but the deals just aren’t the same. In fact, they don’t even have special prices for the 26th any more. Their Christmas deals have sort of just bled into Boxing Day, so stuff is more or less the same price during that entire week. It’s huge balls. Point is, I haven’t been this excited to go blow money in a very long time. What does that say about me? THAT I’M GLAMOUROUS, SO SHUT UP AND EAT IT.
Honestly, what is more glam than saving money? It means you have more money to spend on even more stuff! Also, since we’re here for 2 days, we got to hit up the Duty Free and Lord have mercy, it was like an alcoholic child in an alcoholic candy store. I got 3 L of various flavours of vodka (mango, vanilla, regular) for $32!
I also just signed into my Netflix account and since I’m in the States, I have access to their American version and I am FREAKING RIGHT OUT. I can watch Red State? PRAISE BE TO NICKI MINAJ.
Okay. This was kind of a pointless blog entry because right now I’m way to distracted by all the good stuff coming my way to actually focus on writing. BUT! I will hopefully write another post maybe doing a haul of what I’ve bought? I don’t know if anyone cares… but when have I given a shit about that, right? GLAM DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING.

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