This is about being stuck in the airport

Un. Real. This week has been completely unbelievable, spectacular, hilarious, full of love, fun and SO MUCH FUN. Obviously I got really busy towards the end of the week or else I would’ve posted something about it. Well, I certainly have a bit of time right now. I’m stuck atO’Hare airport an extra hour because my flight has been delayed. Add this to the 6 hours I was at the St. Louis airport and you can imagine how sick I am of airports. Well, not really. I could be a lot more irritated. Instead of facing the possibility of literally dying of boredom in the terminal, I bit the bullet and bought wireless access at the airport, so I’ve been able to check e-mails, upload some pictures on toFB and keep myself occupied. I’m really glad that I decided to do that since now I’ve got more time to kill. No pictures in this entry since I don’t have access to my luggage which has the camera USB thingy.

I’d love to give a play-by-play replay of the last few days leading up to the wedding, but frankly, I’m still riding on a high from yesterday and can’t remember anything other than the wedding itself. Minus maybe one or two half-hiccups during the entire day/night, everything seemed to go absolutely perfectly. Laura looked fucking gorgeous and John looked so dapper and handsome in his tux (as did the other groomsmen, but him especially). The day was sunny and gorgeous and we even got free ice cream between the ceremony/photo shoot and the barbecue/reception. The limo bus was totally ballin’ and both “Single Ladies” (no longer applicable to Laura because John liked it and put a ring on it) and “Birthday Sex” played, so that basically made my entire day.
The ceremony was beautiful and I started crying as soon as I got to the altar and the entire time Laura was walking down the aisle with her dad. Thankfully we got to face the altar and had our backs to the congregation right after that for a bit, so I managed to get a hold of myself. Oh, my God, I’m tearing up right now. Jesus Christ. GET IT TOGETHER, LOSER. Anyway, the ceremony was beautiful, lots of tears were shed, and then we got to stand outside for the receiving line, which means I got to work on my tan and get really sweaty.
WAIT. HOW HAVE I NOT TALKED ABOUT MY HAIR YET. Basically, it was the greatest hairstyle EVER because it was just giant, teased, curled and so pageant-esque. I felt like a real Midwest belle. Seriously, it was totally crazy and maybe close to being over-the-top for a wedding, but whatever. I loved it because it made me feel like a freaking prom queen from Louisiana.
Back to the wedding. I unfortunately couldn’t find someone in St. Louis to be my +1 for the reception, even though I kept an eye out for that special someone as we drove around St. Louis towards the reception hall. After the ceremony and the pictures (taken at Carondelet Park), we got free effing ice cream at Ted Drewes so we showed up in our wedding gear looking gorgeous. Another wedding also got the same deal (it was through the limo company, I guess) and was there at the same time as us. We totally put those bitches to shame. Not only was Laura’s dress way more beautiful and classy (the other bride who wasn’t even that hot had a trumpet-style dress that had a navy blue band at the bust. WTF. YUCK) but she made her (also unattractive bridesmaids) wear long, satin, navy blue dresses. DARK BLUE FOR A MAY WEDDING? WHO ARE YOU? That wedding party sucked, we ruled, end of story.
After ice cream, one of John’s uncles had a “barbecue” at his house for all the out-of-towners and family members. It wasn’t technically a barbecue because nothing actually got grilled, but it was a nice gathering with sandwiches and stuff. Then the reception. Oh, man, the reception.
Waiting at the reception hall for us, was some of the pictures that the photographer had taken earlier in the day during the ceremony and the wedding photos. I was so so so impressed that those pictures were even available so soon for us to see, and they were all fantastic (I’m starting to run out of positive adjectives). Then an incredibly hilariously awkward wedding party introduction that’s easier explained in person than here, but to give you the idea, I was being a smart-ass and it backfired on me BEAUTIFULLY. Then came the speeches, which started the waterworks again. I had to speak after John’s dad, which sucked a lot because his speech made me cry– Oh, God, I’m tearing up again just thinking about it. WHUGHUGHAUGH STOP IT, YOU’RE ALONE IN AN AIRPORT. Anyway, I did my speech, I did NOT make it through without crying because I’m a huge nerd, and then the best man spoke, who, by the way, had a great speech, but his speech didn’t include a poetic reading of “Crazy in Love” like mind did. Then we ate, then we partied.
Now, I’ve met Laura’s side of the family a few times and, being Laura’s BFF for a very long time, I’ve heard lots of stories and those people know how to have a good time. I expected no less than a rip-roaring fun time for her side of the family. I did not, however, expect John’s side of the family to be as HILARIOUS AND AWESOME AND AS OUT OF CONTROL as they were. I’m not talking rude, obnoxious, rowdy out of control. I’m talking about one of the uncles shredding the dance floor to fucking pieces and everyone who was on the dance floor (which was 80% of the guests) to get buck wild. I have never had so much fun at a wedding, and maybe even EVER. Dancing was a blast, seeing all of our friends and family having so much fun was a total blast, and celebrating the wedding of my best friend was the best blast (????). I think the best part about it all was the fact that everyone there was so nice, warm, ready to have fun. The atmosphere was totally electric and it felt wonderful to be in such a positive environment. I mean, of course it’s a happy event, it’s a wedding, duh, but this was just so wonderful. So so so lovely.
I had a great time the past few days getting to meet everyone on John’s side (family and friends) because everyone so generous and loving and so cool. I already know how awesome Laura’s side (family and friends) is, because hello, I’m part of that, but it was great to have that reminder. There were stresses, sure, but those were nothing compared to the great feelings that were floating around on Saturday.
Concluding thoughts:
-St. Louis is the bomb. Everyone was super polite, super accommodating, super warm, just plain ol’ super.
-It was a completely fucking amazing experience and I hope that anyone who goes to anyone else’s wedding has as much fun as me.
-There’s lots of love everywhere. That’s the lamest thing I might write in here, but I don’t care, I really mean it (I can’t wait for my inevitable next entry which will be full of hate as per usual).

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