This is about a stupid article

Here is an article I hate.

41 Reasons You’re Still Single via Huffington Post

I get that it’s mostly a joke, but it still manages to paint single women (as the article doesn’t really delve that much into male centric isms) in a really mean and pathetic light. Most single women are not pathetic. In fact, most single women are dynamic, fun, interesting people who have more important things to do with their time than sit in a Snuggie and watch TV all day long. These types of articles are just as ridiculous as “Women Aren’t Funny” ones, in my opinion.┬áThe undertone to all of this is that women want to be single and that’s why they’re slobs. What better way to scare off all potential mates than to eat an entire block of cheese whilst watching a 24-hour marathon of Hoarders, right?

None of these are me. I am not some sad, half-dressed slob with food on my adult diaper, and I don’t appreciate being lumped into that category, and none of us should. We’re single for a great deal of reasons, and all those reasons are better than “we’re gross.” Maybe we’re single because we’re shitty people, or we’re emotionally unavailable, or because we’re too shy to talk to anybody, or because we have other things to focus on other than finding a significant other which is still something we wanna do eventually anyway. This article not only manages to insult the fuck out of people, but also still not-so-subtly drive home the message that you shouldn’t want to be single because you’d be a messy, clumsy, lazy jackass if you were single.

Hey, buddy (because obviously this was written by a dude), why don’t you stop focusing on why women/people are single and maybe look into your own life and ask yourself why you would ever let yourself be photographed with that terrible facial hair.


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