This is about 15 quirks guys have that girls go crazy for

  1. Your dick.
  2. Your boner.
  3. Your wiener.
  4. Your shlong.
  5. Your pee-pee.
  6. Your meat stick.
  7. Your one-eyed snake.
  8. Your penis.
  9. Your sausage.
  10. Your money.
  11. Your stinky dinky.
  12. Your custard launcher.
  13. Your porker.
  14. Your beef whistle
  15. But for sure NOT your opinion if your name is Derek Marshall and your idiotic writing is published on some shit called Thought Catalogue. Keep your inane, reductive and bullshit ideas to yourself.
PS This post is brought to you by all the people who keep looking into the window of the cafe I’m sitting at and come face-to-face with my crotch. CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY AND SO DO YOU!

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