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This is about a photograph

I love this photo. When I saw it for the first time, however, I almost barfed because I hated it […]

This is about a cool comedy article

Great piece on some of Toronto’s greatest weekly shows. My home away from home The Sketchersons get a shout out and […]

This is about Ann Pornel

Ann Pornel is: -Glamourous -Loud -Fierce -Smart -Funny -Sassy -Full of herself -Easily obsessed with: make up glitter the Blue […]

This is about my birthday wish list

It’s my Dirty 30 birthday at the end of the month, which means two things. One, I’m questioning my entire […]

This is about my Selfie-A-Day Project

I love selfies. #PrettyHurts One look at my Instagram (private, please and thank you) and you’d know that. I get […]

This is about bougie woes

Here is a non-exhaustive list of my current bougie woes: Chipped my manicure – One of these days I’ll be […]

This is about Halloween costumes

Ahhhh. October. The month where girls go crazy nuts trying to figure out the perfect Halloween costume. Halloween is a […]

This is about red lips

As the temperature gets a little cooler than “ass-crack hot” and we transition into fall, I think more and more […]