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This is about a photograph

I love this photo. When I saw it for the first time, however, I almost barfed because I hated it […]

This is about the year of the Selfie-A-Day

Exactly 365 days ago, I HILARIOUSLY decided to take a selfie of myself every day for a full year. With […]

Selfie-A-Day Week #1

Full disclosure. I’m already SO over this Selfie-A-Day project. 7 days in and I’m already hating it, so don’t be […]

Selfie-A-Day #2

I’m not even two days into this and I’ve already missed a day. Fix your life, Ann. Anyway, Selfie-A-Day #2

This is about my Selfie-A-Day Project

I love selfies. #PrettyHurts One look at my Instagram (private, please and thank you) and you’d know that. I get […]