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This is about my birthday wish list

It’s my Dirty 30 birthday at the end of the month, which means two things. One, I’m questioning my entire […]

Selfie-A-Day Week #1

Full disclosure. I’m already SO over this Selfie-A-Day project. 7 days in and I’m already hating it, so don’t be […]

Selfie-A-Day #2

I’m not even two days into this and I’ve already missed a day. Fix your life, Ann. Anyway, Selfie-A-Day #2

This is about a dress

Well, I did it. I bought 3 of the same dress, but in different patterns. Well, technically I bought 4 […]

This is about Hellboy

Here’s something that’s not a secret: I like boys. Here’s something that’s probably also not a secret: I like weird boys. […]

This is about my latest obsession

If you know me at all, this post will come as no surprise to you. The only thing that’s surprising […]

This is about glitter nail polish

By this point in time, it comes as a surprise to nobody that I have a thing for shiny and […]

This is about my relationship with Shoppers Drug Mart

Dear Shoppers Drug Mart, I hate you. But I also love you. I hate to love you? I love to […]