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This is about sacrifice

I’m going through a bit of a rough period right now. A couple of weeks ago, I was looking at […]

This is about an article I read

I was trolling around the Internets a few weeks ago when I came across a little slide show article at […]

This is about a weekly challenge

I was lying in bed last night lamenting over my lack of finances and wondering if that would adversely affect […]

This is about my ban on Pacific Mall

Oops. I did it again. Put yo hands in the air if you’ve got a crippling addiction. I have, once […]

This is about planning ahead

I’m a planner. I like things that are organized mostly because I have a really bad memory and have the […]

This is about my Christmas Wishlist

It’s officially 5 days left until Christmas! WHAT THE HELL?! It seems like just last week I was getting glammed […]

This is about Halloween costumes

Ahhhh. October. The month where girls go crazy nuts trying to figure out the perfect Halloween costume. Halloween is a […]

This is about an open letter to Beyonce

Dear Beyonce, Firstly, congratulations on your recent knocked-upness. I honestly can’t wait to see this baby which, by its birth, […]

This is about red lips

As the temperature gets a little cooler than “ass-crack hot” and we transition into fall, I think more and more […]

This is about clip-in hair extensions

After all these posts about my celeb sightings, you’d almost forget this blog is dedicated to my glamour. If you […]

This is about the Snooki Poof

I have this thing where I think I have GREAT taste in everything. However, most people would argue that when […]

This is about stuff I bought

Okay. No go on Stand Up class. That means Ann isn’t shit-broke. Just broke. So, what’s a girl to do […]