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This is about Ann Pornel

Ann Pornel is: -Glamourous -Loud -Fierce -Smart -Funny -Sassy -Full of herself -Easily obsessed with: make up glitter the Blue […]

This is about The Ladies of The Sketchersons
From left to right: Alessandra "Pie Faced" Vite, Ann "Pie Faced" Pornel, Allison "Pie Faced" Hogg, Alexandra "Pie Faced" Wylie.

The following post will contain the following: ego stroking, lady empowerment, crew love, and more ego stroking. This past weekend, […]

This is about the Summer of Glam & Acceptance

As I’ve already said in my last entry, this is gonna be the Summer of Glam. Since we last left […]

This is about Glammie getting her groove back

So it’s been a while since I’ve farted out any entries in here and it’s not because I’ve found a new […]

This is about Crazy Sexy Day

After a stupid-as-all-hell January, I decided that I didn’t want 2013 to start off like a dopey teenage boy getting […]

This is about Salt N Pepa

There aren’t enough moments in life when every single part of me is so happy and so energized, that I’ve […]

This is about an article I read

I was trolling around the Internets a few weeks ago when I came across a little slide show article at […]

This is about having curves

Hey, you guys. I don’t know if you noticed this, but I’m a curvy kind of lady. If I were […]

This is about an open letter to Beyonce

Dear Beyonce, Firstly, congratulations on your recent knocked-upness. I honestly can’t wait to see this baby which, by its birth, […]

This is about Nicki Minaj

I’m going through a lot right now. Like real intense emotions that I can’t even describe. I just got back […]