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This is about the DOs and DON’Ts of going to a Jays game!

  The Blue Jays home opener is a day away and I couldn’t be any more excited. I plan on going […]

This is about the new Blue Jays season!

We are officially less than 12 hours away from the Blue Jays 2015 season opener, a day I’ve been looking […]

This is about losing Brett Lawrie
Tashas Birthday 3

On Friday, November 28th, it was announced that the butt-luscious Brett Lawrie was traded to the Oakland A’s for Josh […]

This is about My Open Letter to Mark Buehrle

Dearest Mark, First of all, congratulations on tonight’s game against the Seattle Mariners. For the 14th consecutive season, you’ve pitched […]

This is about the Olympic Bobsleigh Babes

And so the saga continues…. Today for whatever reason I’ve been feeling down in the dumps. So I Tweeted to […]

This is about my death

Hello, everyone, I’m dead. I died at approximately 11:24 am EST. Here’s how it happened: Dear friend AW sent me […]

This is about 15 quirks guys have that girls go crazy for

Your dick. Your boner. Your wiener. Your shlong. Your pee-pee. Your meat stick. Your one-eyed snake. Your penis. Your sausage. […]

This is an open love letter

Dear Cute Boy(s), Thank you for existing. You make life so much more fun and interesting and exciting. That is, […]

This is about Hellboy

Here’s something that’s not a secret: I like boys. Here’s something that’s probably also not a secret: I like weird boys. […]

This is about boys I like

Every few months I remember just how much I love white boy rappers and when I alerted all my friends […]