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Selfie-A-Day #2

I’m not even two days into this and I’ve already missed a day. Fix your life, Ann. Anyway, Selfie-A-Day #2

This is about my Selfie-A-Day Project

I love selfies. #PrettyHurts One look at my Instagram (private, please and thank you) and you’d know that. I get […]

This is about bougie woes

Here is a non-exhaustive list of my current bougie woes: Chipped my manicure – One of these days I’ll be […]

This is about Typhoon Haiyan

Listen. I will be the first one to tell you that my presence on social media, whether it be on […]

This is about 15 quirks guys have that girls go crazy for

Your dick. Your boner. Your wiener. Your shlong. Your pee-pee. Your meat stick. Your one-eyed snake. Your penis. Your sausage. […]

This is about a Beenie Man concert

As life would have it, I very randomly got the opportunity to see reggae big-wigs Beenie Man and Mr. Vegas. […]

This is about makeup on a hot day

Don’t. Just… don’t. I know, I know, who the eff am I to tell anyone what to do, especially when […]

This is about overcoming an obstacle

I was re-organizing my closet making room for my four new dresses (see previous post) when I came across this […]

This is about a dress

Well, I did it. I bought 3 of the same dress, but in different patterns. Well, technically I bought 4 […]

This is about summer rules

Summer. It’s so close I can taste it. Or maybe it’s the Mango Madness iced tea I made my own […]

This is about my birthday

Here are my top 5 Birthday Moments 5. Getting to the bar and having my nails glow under the UV […]

This is an open love letter

Dear Cute Boy(s), Thank you for existing. You make life so much more fun and interesting and exciting. That is, […]